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Mentees (new Exporters)

There are many benefits to considering an EC mentor to assist you and your company on your export journey.  A knowledgeable EC mentor can help Australian motivated exporters gain in-market insights that books, videos and websites just don’t offer.  EC mentors can assist you in analysing your export readiness and identifying opportunities and threats that your company may want to consider, before entering a new market.

Often the EC mentor can also help a business owner shape their Go To Market Roadmap and offer advice on strategies to better achieve their new market objectives.  Mentoring can provide a personal perspective from an experienced colleague that might just answer the question you have been pondering.  You may find that the EC mentor suggests an opportunity with you and your team because they too were assisted by a mentor during their pioneering days.  Mentors often share their insights and experience with a fellow Aussie (most are) because they would like to see Australian innovation and entrepreneurship be globally recognised. Go Aussie! OY! OY! OY!

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