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ExpatriateCONNECT' (EC) export mentoring program has evolved over the years based, on the evolving requirements of Australian SMEs to 4 categories of mentoring:

Export Mechanics

  1. What should I consider before saying ‘yes’ (to going to a trade show, joining a trade mission,..)
  2. Explore what triggered your interest in overseas markets and point to relevant resources, training that can start you and your organisation on your export journey
  3. Typically 5 session, over 1-3 months, no charge

  • Export Market Insights
    1. How can I learn a bit more about my new market and reduce my risk of the unknown?
    2. Gain insights from a mentor who is operating (or has operated) in your target market
    3. Typically 6 sessions, over 1-3 months, no charge

  • Export Ready
    1. What should I do to be ‘export ready’?  What mistakes can I avoid?
    2. Assess your Export Readiness and work through the key elements
    3. Typically 8-10 sessions, over 3-6 months, A$250 (A$200 for mentor, A$50 for EC support)

  • Women Going Global
    1. What should I consider as a women owned/led business going global?
    2. How can I improve my success criteria and reduce my risk going global?
    3. Typically 6-8 sessions, over 3-4 months A$250 (A$200 for mentor, A$50 for EC support)

    There are more than 900,000 Australian expatriates living offshore at any given time. Did you ever consider that expatriates and repatriates could be an additional resource to help your business?  ExpatriateConnect (EC) is a national export mentoring program assisting Australian companies to fast-track their export knowledge and outcomes by matching them with experienced, in-market Australian mentors.  EC has access to thousands of professional Australians located around the world who have demonstrated a willingness to 'coach' Australian companies to compete in global markets.

    Register your interest for one of the Company EofI - ready for a mentor as an Australian SME looking to go global and improve your global export insights.