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Export Mentor Process

Local businesses, particularly smaller ones, have repeatedly reveal difficulties gaining reliable information about doing business in overseas markets. ExpatriateCONNECT can help you find the right people to talk about:


  1. recognising the value of international trade
  2. understanding foreign cultures and customs
  3. building channels to new markets and
  4. developing useful business relationships.


An untapped resource
In a recent Senate inquiry, DFAT estimated the number of Australian Expatriates to be around 860 000.   This is a huge number of Australians who are candidates to assist Australian businesses effectively enter new overseas markets.

Are your current international market sales channels the most suitable and efficient methods available for the distribution of your products and services?

As a registered mentee (Australian company):

  1. EC will search for candidate mentors with overseas experience to assist you during  a 3-4 month mentoring process and match your firm with a candidate mentor;
  2. Mentors will share insights with you on new markets and work through an EC framework
  3. Mentors will aim to address your export questions so that you can reduce your Fear Uncertainty and Doubt about exporting


In his 2004 CEDA report, ‘Australia’s Diaspora,’ Professor Graeme Hugo of Adelaide University noted that “schemes to foster linkages between Australian-based business people and researchers and expatriate counterparts need to be expanded.” Professor Hugo’s report brought to national attention the added opportunities that exist for Australian businesses and indicated that this concept for a group of nations, has been utilised for some time.

If you are ready for an export mentor, click here to register your interest.