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Q1) At what stage of our business development should we consider expatriateCONNECT?
A1) If you are an Australian company considering a new overseas market it is a good time to contact EC

Q2) What type of companies contact expatriateCONNECT?
A2) companies that are 0-10 years old, that have a domestic track record, across most industries – F&B, ICT, education, building materials, ...

Q3) How can my company/organisation reduce it’s go to market risks?
A3) the first step is recognising that exporting is both an OPPORTUNITY and a potential risk
A3) plan your export campaign, develop export roadmaps for each new market
A3) tap into experts with market experience to stress test your plans and provide insights
A3) be ready for surprises (be ready with contingent time, staff and resources)
A3) read and learn from history and those with experience
A3) prepare a risk management plan for your business, including your export plans

Q4) How can I tap into market experienced mentors?
A4) Register with EC for an export mentor