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About EC

Airport windowExpatriateConnect (EC) is an export mentoring and support program, designed to assist export motivated Australian companies (SMEs), accelerate their export performance/outcomes.

EC has developed, tested and is continuously refining its export mentoring and support programs.  EC has assisted >400 Australian SMEs, along their export journey; to reduce their FUD (fear, uncertainty, doubt) as they develop and execute export plans. EC’ approach complements traditional Commonwealth, state and association’ based export programs, by addressing early exporter’s needs with:
  • an on-line portal with ;
  • personal mentoring programs , from market experienced colleagues, plus
  • a range of ;

EC’ export mentors are identified for their relevant market experience and capability to assist Australian SMEs by helping them prepare for new, overseas markets. EC matches export mentors with export motivated companies that are looking for practical insights for new markets, to be more export ready/prepared.

If you are involved in an Australian company looking to develop a new overseas market or improve your export performance AND interested in exploring options with a mentor click here.

If you have overseas experience (expatriate, repatriate, project manager) and would like share your insights with an Australian company looking to go global click here.